Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tulp, Caudle, and Green Snag First Features of Year

The I-35 Speedway in Mason City was once again my destination for Sunday night racing action. With a few sprinkles and a light shower before the show got underway, the show was run without a hitch. A solid field of cars were on hand to cap off their weekend.

Dan Potts made the lengthy trip from Spencer pay off as he visited victory lane in the junior hornets. He beat eleven other cars to the line. Kelly Miller picked up where he left off a couple weeks ago as he again found the checkered flags first in the "pro" hornet feature.

A good field of twenty IMCA hobby stocks hit the track next for their feature event. Pole sitter Chad Gentz got the early advantage as Kory and Bernie Adams battled it out for second. After an early restart, Mick Meyers would dive his machine under Bernie Adams to take over the third spot. Another caution would soon wave as Jeremy Solberg hit an implement tire and then made contact with Cory Gansen, ending both of their nights. Gansen was the point leader entering the night. Meyers again used the restart to pick off another position, scooting by Kory Adams for second. However, Meyers would suffer a flat tire and retired to the pits.

Heath Tulp was on the charge from deeper in the field. After starting eighth, he ducked to the inside of Bernie and Kory Adams to snare the second position. As Tulp slowly closed the gap to race leader Gentz, Gentz would pull to the infield on the backstretch after his motor began to pop. Tulp would go on to take the win, despite breaking a left rear shock. He was followed across the line by Bernie Adams, Jake Jacobs, Zac Smith, and Cody Knecht.

1. 50 Heath Tulp
2. 101 Bernie Adams
3. 78 Jake Jacobs
4. 18z Zac Smith
5. 49 Cody Knecht
6. 32 Robert Black
7. 83 Scott Dobel
8. 65 Gary Fransiscus
9. 65x Ted Fransiscus
10. 1R Adam Rodamaker
11. 01 Kory Adams
12. 68 Jonathan Trunkhill
13. 15 Chad Gentz
14. 6JR Mick Meyers
15. 51 Stac Schroeder
16. 71c Cory Gansen
17. 20 Jeremy Solberg
18. 06 Kyle Schmauss
19. 69 Chris Wiltse
20. 53 Andy Spellmeyer

Next up would be the twenty-three car field of IMCA sportmods. Rocky Caudle blasted into the lead from the pole, leaving the rest of the field to play catch up. Parker Brumm and George Nordman were side by side for the runner up spot at the line on lap two before Brumm would secure the spot. Just three laps into the race, point leader Nate Chodur had charged his way to sixth after starting twelfth. When the caution flag waved for Bob Sutherland's hard contact with the turn three wall, it was noticed that second place running Parker Brumm had left the track. Not sure what happened, but I heard someone say he had damage on the front end of his machine when he pulled in. When racing resumed, Chodur powered his car to the outside of Kyle Germundson to take over the second position with two laps to go. But Rocky Caudle had built up a comfortable lead and went on to take the checkered flag. Chodur would finish second while Adam Ackerman nipped Kyle Germundson at the line for third.

1. 99 Rocky Caudle
2. 88 Nate Chodur
3. 5 Adam Ackerman
4. 69 Kyle Germundson
5. 2 Nick West
6. 20 Chad Louk
7. 21R Tony Ranes
8. 9 Matt Looft
9. 8 Corey Klouse
10. 32z Alex Zwanziger
11. 86 Dan Tenold
12. 74 Ben Schultze
13. 17 Tyler Heetland
14. 4 Travis Greenfield
15. 64x Brandon Leeman
16. 55 Shane Swanson
17. 7M Kurt Moeding
18. 2H Dan Hanselman
19. 18J Mike Jaeger
20. 13 Parker Brumm
21. 4ord Bob Sutherland
22. 49 Nate Whitehurst
23. 90 George Nordman

Twelve IMCA stock cars were now set to do battle. Derek Green charged to the lead from his outside front row starting spot ahead of Travis Prochaska and Merlyn Hegland. Chris Adams would slide under Andrew Inman for fourth on lap two as the field utilized the inside groove for much of the race, even though it was plenty rough down there. Prochaska and Hegland used every inch of their cars as they beat and banged each other several times throughout the middle part of the race. Hegland would finally secure the spot as the white flag was thrown, but he didn't quite have enough to catch a slowing Derek Green at the line. Green would hold him off for the win, Hegland second, Prochaska third, Chris Adams fourth, and Kevin Opheim completed the top five. Green mentioned several things that had contributed to his slowing car in the interview after the race.

1. 32 Derek Green
2. 37 Merlyn Hegland
3. 21T Travis Prochaska
4. 14A Chris Adams
5. 44K Kevin Opheim
6. 87 Travis Shipman
7. 7I Andrew Inman
8. 96 Joe Willier
9. 59 Larry Portis
10. 4 Mike Weiman
11. 15 Brad Broers
12. R31 Ryan Leeman

A great field of twenty-one IMCA modifieds were on hand Sunday night. Before the first lap could get completed, the caution waved as six cars were involved in one way or another in two separate incidents. Tyler Prochaska used his pole starting spot to jump to the early lead. That lead didn't last long, however, as Levi Nielsen cut low and took it away on lap two. Prochaska later pushed high in turn two, allowing Eric Dailey and Curt Badker to sneak under for second and third, respectively. A couple of cautions would plague the next several laps, with only Badker getting by Dailey being the movement up front.

Double-file restarts were used, and Jeremy Mills took advantage as he improved to fourth before ducking inside of Terrance Prochaska for the third spot. Nielsen, Badker, and Mills were all bunched together when Mills shot to the outside in turns one and two to rocket past for the lead. Mills, who was involved in the first yellow of the race and presumably had to change a flat tire, distanced himself to a half-lap advantage when the checkered flag waved. Curt Badker would finish second, Ryan Ruter third (also suffered a flat early), Terrance Prochaska fourth, and Shane Monson completed the top five.

1. 10 Jeremy Mills
2. 58 Curt Badker
3. 555 Ryan Ruter
4. 20 Terrance Prochaska
5. 25$ Shane Monson
6. 123 Rob Rose
7. 45 Levi Nielsen
8. 65D Dustin Brown
9. 9 Roger Nielsen
10. 10A Andrew Timm
11. 60 Kurt Krauskopf
12. 68 JJ Wise
13. 7 Eric Dailey
14. 82K Dave Kuykendall
15. 11x Alex Yohn
16. 22T Tyler Prochaska
17. 47 Christian Wagler
18. 4 Dustin Philipp
19. 75 Garry Hall
20. 72 Austin Wolf
21. 73 Troy Swearingen

There were quite a few yellow flags displayed tonight, but the racing action was still completed by 9:00. Thanks to Joe Ringsdorf and his staff once again for their hospitality. For upcoming events, such as the Hawkeye Dirt Tour for IMCA modifieds during the Memorial Day weekend, check out

- Racing may be a hobby, but it's DEFINITELY addictive!!

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