Sunday, April 17, 2011

So Far, but Yet So Close

When I woke up Saturday morning, I had in mind two options for racing that evening. My first choice was going to be the IMCA Deery Brothers late model series event held at the Jackson County Speedway in Maquoketa, Iowa. Plan B was going to be the double features night at the Algona Raceway in Algona, Iowa. However, those two plans quickly fell by the wayside when I pulled up the Internet and saw they had both cancelled. Ok, need a new plan. Early afternoon came and I found two tracks in Missouri that peaked my interest for the night. At the time both the Scotland County Speedway in Memphis (MO) and the I-35 Speedway in Winston (MO) were both racing. I opted to go get my hair cut the cheap way (from my sister), but when I went to leave her place my car would not start. Wouldn't even turn over. After making plans with a couple buddies to head south, my heart sank as I stood in disbelief. I notified them that I was having car problems, so our trip was not going to happen. That soon changed when my father tightened the battery post, and the car started like a charm. Back in business!! I quickly drove home and changed. I hopped on the computer one last time and found that Memphis had cancelled. So it looked like Winston would be our destination. I met my buddies in Ellsworth sometime around 3:20, and when we called at 3:30 they had just pulled the plug as well. My friends, thinking positively, said "well now where"? I had forgotten about the USMTS race down in Warrensburg (MO). We called the track and they said it was a muddy mess, but they were on. The lengthy trip found us arrive at the track shortly after 8pm. Upon arrival we could see USMTS cars on the track, but apparently it was just hot laps. As we paid for our tickets and found a seat, hot laps came to an end and the call for the grater soon followed. After making a couple passes it was determined the track would not hold up for the night and the plug was pulled. Fortunately for us, the promoter gave fans the option to either hold on to the tickets for the rescheduled date (yet to be determined) or giving refunds. So we patiently waited for the line to dwindle down and received our money back. - Racing may be a hobby, but it's DEFINITELY addictive!!

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