Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boeckman and Abelson Repeat at BVR

First off I have to apologize for this being so late. I simply didn't have time to write this blog as I had other stuff going on. That being said, Wednesday was seemingly a perfect day with the warm temperatures and sunny skies. As I trekked to the west, however, the sun disappeared and it was a bit cool as I got out of my vehicle upon arrival at the Buena Vista Raceway in Alta. Chances of rain seemed to be on the horizon with lightning off to the east, but the show went on and was completed.

The BVR bomber class was first to hit the track for their feature. Eight cars took the green flag with Austin Reicks taking the top spot at the drop of the green flag. Jake Bieret and Keith Demey worked under Josh Maholer for the second and third positions, respectively, before Demey went up in smoke. When racing resumed, it would be Austin Reicks crossing the finish line ahead of Jake Bieret, Lucas Vote, Josh Maholer, and Colby Davis. However, those results would not hold up after post-race tech disqualified Reicks, Bieret, and Maholer. Go that gave the win to Lucas Vote. Colby Davis was then credited with second, Mike Draper was third, Kevin Blume was scored fourth, and Keith Demey rounded out the top five.

The IMCA sport compacts were up next with five cars on hand. Cory Flanigan rocketed to the lead and never looked back as he cruised to the easy win. He was followed by Mark Lindgren, Joe Bunkofske, Mike Brabec, and Danny Rose.

Twenty-three IMCA hobby stocks checked in for action Wednesday night with all but two of them making the call for the feature. Pole-sitter Shannon Anderson grabbed the early control on lap one, but perhaps the best single lap in my recent memory was had by Devin Smith. After starting eighth on the grid, Smith sliced his way to the second spot on the first lap. Andy Boeckman, opening night winner, was also on the charge as he advanced up to the fourth spot after starting twelfth. A caution flag came out at the halfway point with the top four drivers being Anderson, Smith, Boeckman, and Michael Murphy. With the double-file restarts, Anderson opted for the top side. Boeckman used the top side to power by Smith on the outside before he ducked to the inside of Anderson to take over the race lead. Smith followed Boeckman on the low side to also get by Anderson and then continued his momentum to sneak under Boeckman to regain the lead. Murphy made the pass on Anderson before Anderson retired to the pits with a flat left rear tire. Boeckman would get the lead back from Smith with a few laps to go and go on to pick up his second win in as many weeks. Smith settled for second, Murphy was third, Bill Woehler was fourth, and Craig Brotherton rounded out the top five.

After that exciting race, it was now time for the fifteen car field of IMCA sportmods. Outside front row starter Brett Meyer pounced at the waving of the green flag to assume command. Doug Smith followed in Meyer's tire tracks in second, while opening night winner Jesse Sobbing was quickly moving forward to the fourth position on lap three. Following a pass on Tim Rupp, Sobbing began to slowly reel in Meyer and Smith at the front of the field. Sobbing used the cushion to motor by Smith for the second spot with three laps to go and set his sights on Meyer. Sobbing would get to his rear bumper, but was unable to find a way by the defending IMCA Supernationals winner. Brett Meyer would pick up the win followed by Jesse Sobbing, Doug Smith, Zach Norgaard, and Chris Grothe. Matt Pittman crossed the line in fourth, but was later disqualified in post-race tech.

Only nine IMCA stock cars were on hand Wednesday night. David Smith jumped to the early lead with Brian Blessington following him to second. An early caution slowed the pace momentarily, but following the restart the field would get strung out mostly single file. Donovan Smith was able to duck to the inside of Blessington for the runner up spot, but that was the only notable position change throughout the remainder of the race. David Smith took home the win ahead of Donovan Smith, Brian Blessington, Trent Murphy, and Stefan Sybesma.

Only seven IMCA modifieds checked in for the night, and it would be Brian Schmitt taking control in the early segment of the feature. Schmitt's great run would end prematurely as the motor went south on lap three to end his night. Chris Abelson inherited the lead and never looked back as he picked up his second win in as many nights at the speedway. Dustin Smith finished second, Jim Thies was third, Jason Briese finished fourth, and Mark Gaskill completed the top five.

A hobby stock king of the hill and the Sybesma Graphics stock car challenge was also run following the feature events. In the finale of the king of the hill, Devin Smith beat Shannon Anderson to claim that title while David Smith doubled up with another $500 win in the stock car challenge.

I don't understand the reasoning of the lower car counts in the upper divisions at this track. I can understand guys not wanting to run in the middle of the week. I can understand drivers complaining about the dust from opening night, or the chance of rain this past Wednesday. But the track was in tip-top shape and the crew at BVR run an efficient program. I hope the car count picks up in the coming weeks as well as the fans, as it was noted the middle part of the grandstand was a bit on the bare side. Hopefully following graduations and such attendance will pick up.

For more information pertaining the Buena Vista Raceway, check out their website.

- Racing may be a hobby, but it's DEFINITELY addictive!!

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