Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mills Continues to Win in Algona

After trying to decide where to go on Saturday night, the decision was finally made to attend the Algona Raceway. So I made the lengthy trek northwest to check out the action at the short track.

Ross Hingson would take home the win in the novice hornets while Jay DeVries took the checkers in the hornet feature. Peg Lewis and Heather Pesicka grabbed the trophies for the cruiser car feature.

Nineteen hobby stocks would take center stage next as Micah Lavrenz took control of the race from the pole. His lead would not last long, however, as Kyle Ricke used the cushion to motor by Lavrenz to the lead. Lavrenz would continue to backpeddle as Nick Meyer and Josh Peters made their way by using the high side as well. After the third caution of the race was displayed, Randy Hadacek used the high line to make the pass on Tim Sidles to climb to the fourth position. Peters would work under Ricke to snare the second spot away. Ricke would later jump over the cushion and open the door for three cars to scoot past. Up front Nick Meyer was able to hold off Josh Peters for the win followed by Randy Hadacek, Chad Gentz, and Tim Sidles.

1. 2 Nick Meyer
2. 5J Josh Peters
3. 5 Randy Hadacek
4. 15 Chad Gentz
5. T1M Tim Sidles
6. 16 Kyle Ricke
7. 8K Kyle Sidles
8. 24 Cory Weisharr
9. 29 Jody Bierstedt
10. 30 Kevin Kajewski
11. 01 Micah Lavrenz
12. 8 Nathan Simpson
13. 49 Cody Knecht
14. 9x Sarah Nelson
15. 90 Chad Krug
16. 88 Randy Watnem
17. T8 Brandon Nielsen
18. 2H Maurice Hingson
19. 27 Chelsea Simpson
20. 74 Brad Kathman

A great field of twenty-three bmods were up next, but things got off to a rocky start as three cars tangled in turn two on the first lap. When racing resumed it would be Ben Schultze taking command from outside the front row. Further back in the pack Josh Ruby was working his way forward as he climbed to fourth by lap two using the low groove before another caution waved. Ruby would duck low of Brandon Ostwald to take the third spot away before he and George Nordman both slipped by Schultze as Schultze slid high. Another yellow flag would be displayed when points leaders Matt Hoeft and Mike Carlson spun on a restart. Hoeft was able to get his car moving before the caution flew, but Carlson would restart from the tail. Ruby would use the high line to take over the race lead from Nordman while Doug Cook would later use the low line to make the pass for second by Nordman. Another caution came out late to set up a two-lap shootout that saw Cook dive to the inside of Ruby to take the lead at the white flag. Ruby would not give up, however, and power his way back on the outside to pull even down the backstretch. Josh Ruby gassed it up on the cushion in turn four to pull out the exciting win ahead of Doug Cook, George Nordman, Brandon Ostwald, and Bruce Wickman.

1. 30R Josh Ruby
2. 25 Doug Cook
3. 90 George Nordman
4. 21OZ Brandon Ostwald
5. 27 Bruce Wickman
6. 23 Jesse Rentz
7. 53 Wayne Rentz
8. 21H Matt Hoeft
9. 98 Dan Hanselman
10. 20x Justin Schuder
11. 74 Ben Schultze
12. 3F Jeramie Faber
13. 92 Mike Carlson
14. 20 Gerald Curry
15. 48T Troy Rink
16. 83 Jordan Jahnke
17. 38 Lucas Parsons
18. 26 Josh Fay
19. 17 Tyler Heetland
20. 00 Colby Fett
21. 11z Justin Zimmerman
22. 1i Scott Cook
23. 117 Nick De Leeuw

Eighteen IMCA stock cars were ready to thrill crowd for what ended up being the best race of the night in my opinion. Rookie Josh Hohensee shot to the lead from inside the second row, but there were several cars chomping at the bit right behind him. Kevin Opheim would find his way to second while Mike Jergens slid in line behind him. Opheim would lose a couple spots as he tried the high line, allowing both Jeregens and Chad Palmer by on the inside. A caution came out though, putting Opheim back ahead of Palmer. After several laps of running the high groove, Jergens made it stick as he took command of the lead after passing Hohensee. Opheim would follow Jergens to the second spot, but he would jump the cushion on the last lap and give way to three cars at the finish. Mike Jergens took home the win followed by Chad Palmer, Josh Hohensee, David Smith, and Kevin Opheim.

1. 37 Mike Jergens
2. 14 Chad Palmer
3. 68 Josh Hohensee
4. 8 David Smith
5. 44K Kevin Opheim
6. 43 Calvin Lange (started 18th)
7. 87 Travis Shipman
8. 96 Troy Woelbler (ran late and missed heat, started 17th)
9. TNT Roger Tripp
10. 17 Cory Oftedahl
11. 56 Tom Sierck
12. 14w David Wickman
13. 32JR Laura Curry
14. 53 Wade Nall
15. 16 Roger Picray
16. 57 Cary Heinan
17. 24 Chris Evenson
18. 32s Shane Curry

The final event of the night would be the IMCA modifieds. This class originally was the reason I made the trip to Algona. I was disappointed when I saw only nine cars in a heat race. Denny Anderson used his pole start to grab the early lead, but it only took Jeremy Mills two laps to take that lead away as he slid his machine to the cushion and set sail on the top side. His lead was never really challenged and the rest of the pack pretty much stayed single file with a few exceptions. Mills took home yet another win followed by Clayton Christensen, Denny Anderson, Ryan Watnem, and Austin Wolf.

1. 10 Jeremy Mills
2. 1cc Clayton Christensen
3. 20 Denny Anderson
4. 88 Ryan Watnem
5. 72 Austin Wolf
6. 25 Ricky Stephan
7. 46 Gary Pesicka
8. 41 Rob Hughes
9. 21 Jesse Hoeft

Other then the low modified count, the racing action was pretty intense and exciting. I'd like to thank promoter Joe Ringsdorf for his hospitality once again and also say thanks to the person in charge of putting results up on the track website. They were posted when I got home, so that helped me fill out the rest of what I was unable to write down. Be sure to check out the website,, for a look at the point standings as next week is season championship night. IMCA stock cars, bmods, and hobby stocks are going to come down to the wire to determine the track champion for this season.

- Racing may be a hobby, but it's DEFINITELY addictive!!

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